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ABC of C Language

   by Shailender Sharma
   on 16 March, 2013

Bootable Pen Drive

   by Avtar Singh
   on 21 March, 2013

e-Trash or e-Treasure?

   by Pallavi Bagga
   on 12 May, 2013


   by Rabina Bagga
   on 25 May, 2013

OOPs Concepts

   by Navjot Kaur
   on 29 May, 2013

Fitness First

   by Ankush Rathore
   on 18 June, 2013

Information Systems

   by Kajal Gupta
   on 19 June, 2013

Quiz Contest in C++

   by Rajnish Kumar
   on 20 June, 2013

Core Java (Tutorial)

   by Shyena
   on 7 November, 2013

C Language Q&A

   by Anmol Sharma
   on 12 April, 2014

HTML 5 Tutorial

   by Kishan Verma
   on 28 May, 2014

Run Commands
Basic PC Shortcut keys         Function Keys         Microsoft Window Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys         How to Create a Shortcut Keys

To provoke the Run dialogue box where you enter the Run commands, click start and then select Run. You can also hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press 'R', this will open the run command console.

Program Run Command
Accessibility Controls access.cpl
Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control admintools
Adobe Acrobat acrobat
Adobe Photoshop photoshop
Automatic Updates wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard fsquirt
Calculator calc
Ccleaner ccleaner
C: Drive c:
Command Prompt cmd
Control Panel control
Date and Time Properties timedate.cpl
Device Manager devmgmt.msc
Disk Cleanup Utility cleanmgr
Disk Defragment dfrg.msc
Disk Partition Manager diskmgmt.msc
Display Properties control desktop
Event Viewer eventvwr.msc
Firefox firefox
Folders Properties control folders
Fonts fonts
Free Cell Card Game freecell
Game Controllers joy.cpl
Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc
Hearts Card Game mshearts
Help and Support helpctr
Keyboard Properties control keyboard
Local Users and Groups lusrmgr.msc
Logs You Out of Windows logoff
Microsoft Access access.cpl
Microsoft Excel excel
Microsoft Frontpage frontpg
Microsoft Movie Maker moviemk
Microsoft Narrator narrator
Microsoft Paint mspaint
Microsoft Powerpoint powerpnt
Microsoft Word winword
Minesweeper Game winmine
Mouse Properties control mouse
MS-Dos Editor edit
MS-Dos FTP ftp
Nero nero
Notepad notepad
ODBC Data Source Administrator odbccp32
On Screen Keyboard osk
Outlook Express msimn
Pinball Game pinball
Power Configuration powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes control printers
Registry Editor regedit
Registry Editor regedit32
Remote Desktop mstsc
Removable Storage ntmsmgr.msc
Scheduled Tasks control schedtasks
Security Center wscui.cpl
Shuts Down Windows shutdown
Sounds Recorder sndrec32
Sounds and Audio mmsys.cpl
Spider Solitare Card Game spider
System Configuration Utility msconfig
System Information msinfo32
System Properties sysdm.cpl
Task Manager taskmgr
Telnet Client telnet
User Account Management nusrmgr.cpl
Volume Serial Number for C: label
Volume Control sndvol32
Windows Address Book wab
Windows Explorer explorer
Windows Firewall firewall.cpl
Windows Magnifier magnify
Windows Media Player wmplayer
Windows System Security Tool syskey
Windows Version winver
Windows XP Tour Wizard tourstart
Wordpad write
Zoom Utility igfxzoom

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